National Rice Mill Lofts
David Hockney
Building Idea

The Rice Mill Lofts, like each ekistics project, is created from a strong idea. Great beauty infused with great meaning, it is a joyful tribute. To the Creative Ones. The Artisans and Entrepreneurs. Whether one plies his craft on a literal canvas or grows her company as her canvas. Theirs is the passionate voice of new talent with new ideas, fueling a creative culture of invention and the reinvention of America’s boutique city. And, this is a building of breathtaking originality. One with captivating river views, inspired street art, sublime open space, architectural artifacts and hospitality services.

This radiant building marks the gateway to the Bywater, a new Bohemia and its new riverfront. And, it does so with a purpose described well by Ann Cutler, "One- hundred percent quality, real service, unique design and style – these are the product values that deliver human values which never change: love, pride, joy, the family and self esteem."